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April 2012

  • 13 – Annual Crime Victims’ Rights Conference, Omaha, NE – Screening & Brooks keynote
  • 14 & 15 – Mimosa Lane Baptist Church, Mesquite, TX - Screening & Q&A w/ Brooks
  • 16 – Brooks on FOXNews – FOX & Friends – 8:30am EST
  • 17 – Harvard University, Criminal Justice Policy and Management Dept., 6:30pm, Cambridge, MA - Screening and Q&A w/Brooks
  • 18 – Emory University, 6:30pm, Atlanta GA - Screening and Q&A w/Brooks
  • 19 – Congressional Victims’ Caucus, U.S. Capitol, Cannon Office Building, 5:30pm, Washington, DC - Screening and Q&A w/Brooks
  • 22 – GMC World Television Premiere, 7, 9 & 11pm EST
  • 24 – Day of Remembrance For Victims & Survivors of Violent Crime, Tulsa, OK – Brooks Keynote
  • 25 – Oklahoma District Attorney’s Association, Oklahoma City, OK – Brooks Keynote
  • 26 – Brooks testifies before U.S. House of Representatives, Subcommittee on the Constitution supporting the Victim’s Rights Amendment, Rayburn House Office Building, 2pm, Washington, D.C.

past events...

March 2011

  • 4 - First Baptist Church Newcastle Screening, OK
  • 5 – Prestonwood Baptist Church Men's Conference, Plano, TX
  • 8 – Leadership Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK (private screening)
  • 13 – Guest Speaker at Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA
  • 17 – Dept. of Prosecuting Attorney Keith Kaneshiro Screening, Honolulu, HI
  • 23 – The Heritage Club, Washington DC (private screening)
  • 24 – The Falls Church Screening, Falls Church, VA
  • 25 – Brooks & Leslie Douglass on THE VIEW, 11a/10a pt/c ABC
  • 26 & 27 – Brooks on the "Hour of Power"
  • 27 – Council Road Baptist Screening, Bethany, OK

April 2011

  • 1 - Asbury United Methodist Church Screening, Tulsa, OK (rescheduled for May 20)
  • 5 - You Have the Power Screening, Nashville, TN
  • 8 - National Crime Victims' Service Awards, Washington, DC
  • 9 - Brooks Douglass on the HUCKABEE SHOW, Fox News 8pm ET
  • 11 - Baylor University Screening, Waco, TX
  • 12 - Napa County District Attorney Event Screening, Napa, CA
  • 13 - Ronald Reagan Library Screening hosted by the Ventura County District Attorney, Simi Valley, CA
  • 14 - Tucson County District Attorney Event Screening, Tucson, AZ
  • 14 - Sacramento County District Attorney Event Screening, Sacramento, CA
  • 16 - Brooks speaks at the EE International Prison Ministries Banquet, Sarasota, FL
  • 17 - Sarasota Baptist Church Screening, Sarasota, FL
  • 22 - First Baptist Colleyville Screening, Dallas, TX
  • 24 - Brooks speaks Easter Sunday to First Baptist Colleyville, Dallas, TX
  • 26 - Brooks speaks at Prestonwood Baptist Power Lunch, Plano, TX
  • 30 - Fellowship Orlando Church Screening, Orlando, FL

May 2011

  • 1 - Brooks at Fellowship Orlando Church, Orlando, CA
  • 5 - Brooks at Sacramento County District Attorney Event, Sacramento, CA
  • 5 - Brooks on “Praise the Lord” 7-9pm (PT) on TBN and 2-4pm (PT) on Friday, May 6
  • 8 - Brooks speaks at Bel Air Presbyterian Church’s Beacon for Entertainment Fellowship meeting, 1-2pm, Bel Air, CA
  • 15 - Heaven’s Rain Screening at Malibu Presbyterian Church, Malibu, CA
  • 19 - Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Screening – open to all FBI employees, Washington, DC
  • 19 - Heaven’s Rain opens at Leithersburg Cinema, Hagarstown, MD
  • 20 - Asbury United Methodist Church Screening, Tulsa, OK
  • 21 - Pangburn Community Screening, Pangburn, AR

Heaven's Rain can be a powerful tool for starting meaningful conversations about family, faith, forgiveness, and policy reform. Organizations across the country are hosting special events to show Heaven's Rain and raise money for their organization or a local charity.

Heaven's Rain is available for license to organizations that want to show the movie to 25 or more people for $299. The host organization can make the movie available for free to the audience or sell tickets for the event as a fundraiser for a non-profit organization.

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**Any group sharing the movie with 25 or more people must purchase a licensing agreement.**
Date: April 24, 2011
Host: First Baptist Church of Colleyville
Where: Colleyville, TX

Easter Weekend was a busy one for Heaven’s Rain and First Baptist Church Colleyville, which hosted a screening of Heaven’s Rain on Good Friday.  A large crowd filled the sanctuary to watch the film on a thirty-foot screen that was brought in especially for the movie.  The movie wasn’t the only event of the weekend.  Brooks Douglass was present on Easter Sunday and was part of the service via an interview with Pastor Craig Etheredge.  It was an emotional interview, because as Brooks revealed to the congregation, he was informed that Glen Ake, the man who murdered his parents, passed away the night before in prison.  Brooks’ heart was heavy, but shared that he was grateful that he had an opportunity to meet with Glen in prison 15 years earlier. "It changed my life," he said.

"Sometimes people don’t realize the amount of anger they carry with them from past events.  Being able to forgive is also being able to let go of the anger you hold. The Douglass’ story is a moving example of letting go." - Craig Etheredge, Pastor, First Baptist Church Colleyville
Date: April 16 & 17, 2011
Host: Evangelism Explosion International Prison Ministries.
Where: Hyatt Hotel, Sarasota, FL

Brooks Douglass was keynote speaker at EE International’s Prison Ministries Annual Banquet to raise funds for their important, life-changing ministry in prisons across the US and Internationally. EE International Prison Ministries leaders, Art and Jill Hallett, and former inmates who had been affected by their program shared the powerful impact of their intervention. During the banquet, they recognized many of the caring mentors and ministers who go to prisons regularly to share their faith and inspire inmates to live a purposeful life. Many of those present at the banquet attended a Heaven’s Rain screening the next night and discussed how the movie could be integrated into prison ministries. Brooks’ father, Richard, was passionate about prison ministries and spent much time counseling in Oklahoma prisons. Julea and Brooks Douglass shared that they hope Richard’s life and legacy will continue to touch lives in prisons.

"I was highly moved by the reflection of compassion, reality of emotions and depth of forgiveness portrayed in Heaven’s Rain.  As a minister to prisoners, this movie will prove to be one of my greatest assets in our attempt to bring reconciliation to the victim and the victimizer.  It is real life proof that no matter what the crime, there is potential for forgiveness, closure, and above all – inner peace."  - Rev. Arthur Hallett, Director-Evangelism Explosion Prison Ministry

Pastor Patrick Roach, a prison ministries volunteer, shared the following after sharing Heaven’s Rain with inmates:

"Almost to a man they testified how they were touched by the contents… one inmate will write you a letter expressing his thoughts… another said that he wishes he had the opportunity to face his victims families and ask for forgiveness…. I believe this movie will be a powerful tool in the prison population of our country."
Date: April 14, 2011
Host: Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall and Homicide Survivor's Inc.
Where: Fox Theater, Tucson, Arizona
Proceeds from the screening went to the Tucson Victims’ Fund to benefit the families of those affected by the January 8th shooting in Tucson.

Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall invited Brooks Douglass to come to Tucson and share Heaven's Rain in honor of National Victims’ Rights week on April 14. "He has dedicated his life to working on behalf of victims and making their time through the criminal justice system an easier one, a fairer one, that's far more just," LaWall stated. Some victims of the January eighth shooting attended the screening, such as Bill Badger, the man who tackled Jarod Loughner.  He told KGUN9 News he felt a special connection to Douglass when they briefly met. "Oh yes, I did feel a connection there… I've heard all the work he's done for victims, and that's why I'm here tonight," Badger said.  Brooks noted that he can relate to the tragedy in Tucson and commented that this movie shows there can be positive change from such darkness. “Good can ultimately come from these types of tragedies," Douglass said.

"It was a true honor to host Brooks Douglass and to show his amazing film. I was very impressed with the production values, the quality of the acting, and especially the power of the story. The movie is an incredibly compelling account of Brooks Douglass’ personal triumph over tragedy, injustice and unfathomable loss. I couldn’t help but be deeply moved, as were the 650+ advocates, prosecutors, police, victims, and survivors of homicide who were in attendance at the showing of the film. I encourage all those who support and work with victims to host a showing of this remarkable and impactful movie. This is a truly unique way to honor victims and promote victims’ rights." – Barbara LaWall, District Attorney, Tucson, AZ

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"Heaven's Rain" movie at Fox for National Crime Victims' Rights Week
Date: April 13, 2011
Host: Ventura County District Attorney Greg Totten
Where: Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library, Simi Valley California

In recognition of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (April 10-16), which was established by President Ronald Reagan in 1981, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library hosted a screening of Heaven's Rain on April 13.  Ventura County District Attorney Greg Totten moderated the event, which also recognized Brooks Douglass' recent award of the Ronald Reagan Public Policy Award for Victims of Crime by the Department of Justice in Washington, DC. Over 800 members of the surrounding communities watched the screening and stayed afterwards for a question and answer segment with Brooks Douglass and lead actor Mike Vogel.  In answer to questions, Brooks spoke of how he had the power as state senator to directly impact the legal prosecution of his case, which most victims do not have.  He stated that his legislative work on victims’ rights was intended to create a more equitable and compassionate legal system for victims.  Earlier in the day, Brooks delivered a keynote address at Ventura County Government Center in honor of Victims’ Rights week. 

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Date: April 12, 2011
Host: Napa County District Attorney Gary Lieberstein
Where: Performing Arts Center, Napa Valley College, Napa, CA

Actors Mike Vogel and Taryn Manning joined producer and actor Brooks Douglass for a screening of Heaven's Rain in Napa, California.  The screening was hosted by Napa District Attorney Gary Lieberstein in recognition of National Crime Victims’ Rights week.  Members of the community as well as representatives from the Victims’ Services Section of CalEMA and several mothers of homicide victims joined Brooks Douglass, Mike Vogel, and Taryn Manning for a reception prior to the screening. Following the movie, audience members complimented the cast on their powerful portrayal of the family's story and expressed appreciation for the honest portrayal of victims' struggles.


"It was an extraordinary event.  Many people thanked me for bringing Brooks and Heaven’s Rain to Napa. I believe that the labor of love which created this movie was felt and received by those who participated in the Napa showing of Heaven’s Rain." – Gary Lieberstein, District Attorney, Napa, CA

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Napa D.A., College Co-Sponsor Film Event for Victims' Rights
Date: April 11, 2011
Host: Ken and Alice Starr, Baylor University
Where: Baylor University's Mayborn Museum, Waco, TX

Brooks returned to his alma mater, Baylor University, to share Heaven’s Rain with students and staff. A panel of distinguished professionals and professors followed the movie with a thought-provoking discussion of the personal, intellectual, and spiritual challenges and breakthroughs implicit in the movie. Panel moderator Brad Toben (Baylor Law Dean) and panelists Beth Toben (Waco Assistant Criminal District Attorney), Burt Burleson (Baylor University Chaplain), and Tom Hibbs (Distinguished Professor of Ethics & Culture) discussed the positive impact the movie could have on individuals and movie-making. Professors Hibbs commented that much of entertainment today glorifies violence, yet this movie does the opposite by minimizing the violence and focusing on family and forgiveness. Brooks said after, “this was my favorite panel yet. It was such an honor and privilege to come back to Baylor with the movie."

"Everyone was deeply moved by Heaven's Rain, and the panel discussion added a fabulous dimension to an already rich, thought-provoking, and inspiring film. Congratulations again on this great, enduring achievement." – Ken Starr, President, Baylor University
Date: April 5, 2011
Host: Voices for Victims organization and District Attorney Dan Alsobrooks
Where: Friendship Baptist Church, Nashville, TN

Brooks Douglass attended a screening of Heaven's Rain as part of Nashville's ceremony to commemorate Crime Victims' Rights Week.  The several-hundred member audience consisted of dignitaries, district attorneys, victims’ advocates, and of course, survivors of violent crimes.  Brooks answered questions about his own journey from hatred to forgiveness and was able to provide hope to people attending who were either on that same journey or who work with people who are making that journey. 

Pastor Jimmy Greer is a retired sergeant of the Metropolitan Nashville-Davidson County Police Department, so he knows all too well the effects that crime has on the victims. In addition to the film, former First Lady of Tennessee Andrea Conte was presented the first annual Andrea Conte Crime Victim Advocacy Award.  Brooks was highlighted for his contributions to victim’s rights and was a guest on several local Nashville news programs to talk about the event and to share his story.

"This story is one that so many people in my community, and frankly every community, need to hear." Pastor Jimmy Greer, Friendship Baptist Church, Nashville, TN

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Date: March 23, 2011
Host: George and Angela Shafran, Mike and Mary Beatty, and Bick-Anne Roemer
Where: Heritage Center at the US Navy Memorial, Washington, DC

Brooks and Julea Douglass traveled to Washington DC for a special screening of Heaven's Rain with Christian and victims rights organizations that work within the political arena and others from the DC community.  Officials within the Department of Justice-Office for the Victims of Crimes (DOJ-OVA), and national victims rights organizations such as the National Organization for Victims Assistance (NOVA) enthusiastically turned out to preview the movie's incisive portrayal of the emotional costs that victims suffer.  In addition, organizations such as the National Association of Evangelicals, the Family Research Council, The Religious Freedom Coalition and Concerned Women of America were represented at the event.  The question and answer with Brooks Douglass after the screening provided thought-provoking discussion regarding Brooks’ face to face encounter with his parents’ murderer, how the grace of God worked in his life over the years, and how he believes that his Christian upbringing and love between the members of his family was the key to eventually finding peace.

"Heaven's Rain is a powerful depiction of the trauma of victimization… And yet this tragic story is also told in the context of the beautiful lives of Richard and Marilyn Douglass and the foundation they provided for Brooks and Leslie to endure to this very day." – Will Marling, National Organization of Victim Assistance (NOVA)

"Beautifully-shot film.  Best use of a "Who" song in ANY flick EVER.   And a movie that actually has the power to cleanse your soul…to make you see that to forgive isn’t just the right thing to do, but that it will heal your own heart." - Paul Strand, senior Washington correspondent, Christian Broadcasting Network

A special thanks to co-hosts George and Angela Shafran, Mike and Mary Beatty, and Bick-Anne Roemer who are dear friends of Julea and Brooks Douglass and helped organize the evening.
Date: March 17, 2011
Host: Department of Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro
Where: Honolulu, HI
Proceeds benefit The Sex Abuse Treatment Center

Actors Mike Vogel, Taryn Manning, and Brooks Douglass joined Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney Keith Kaneshiro and his staff for a special screening of Heaven's Rain to raise awareness for the journey victims experience from the moment of a crime through the criminal justice system and the emotional aftermath. Kaneshiro's staff got the word out by newspaper, radio interviews, and TV to invite community members to share in the event. Audience members stayed after the movie for a panel discussion with the actors. Vogel and Manning were candid about how emotionally toiling yet rewarding it was to play the roles of Brooks and Leslie Douglass. "You just see and feel all that Brooks and Leslie went through and you think, ‘How could they do it? How could they be so resilient?,'" said Vogel. Manning agreed, saying "It was a really, really hard role to play. Sometimes I just had to pause and take in all that Leslie had been through."

Partial proceeds from the evening went to support The Sex Abuse Treatment Center, which offers counseling, a 24-hour hotline, legal guidance, and public policy awareness for sex abuse and recovery. (See www.satchawaii.com for more info.)

"[Heaven's Rain] is such a gripping film with such an important message, so I spoke to Brooks about showing it in Hawaii. It tells the story about what victims go through and gives the public awareness of the plight of victims."Keith Kaneshiro, Prosecuting Attorney, Honolulu, HI

Special thanks to the Better Brands, Inc., Hansen Distribution Group, D. Otani Produce, and Paradise Beverages for sponsoring the event.

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Date: March 13, 2011
Host: Crystal Cathedral Church
Where: Garden Grove, CA

Brooks Douglass was a special guest at the renowned Crystal Cathedral, church of Dr. Robert Schuller and the "Power Hour" show. Pastor Jim Penner interviewed Brooks and asked him how he was able to overcome tragedy and turn his anger, rage, and pain into a story of forgiveness and the power of God. Brooks shared fond memories of his father as a pastor, reflecting on the example and foundation his parents set for him and his sister. Brooks also talked about the details of his meeting with Glen Ake, the man who murdered his parents. "It was like I could feel the poison draining out of feet in the moment when I said, 'I forgive you.'"

*CLICK to see Brooks interviewed on the Hour of Power. (The interview begins 13:20 minutes into the service.)*

Brooks said the morning at the Crystal Cathedral was especially meaningful for him because his father used to lend him Dr. Schuller's books when he was a teenager, and he and his dad used to discuss Dr. Schuller's work together. He felt as if life had come full circle when he met and talked with Dr. Schuller 30+ years later.
Date: March 8, 2011
Host: Leadership Oklahoma (LOK)
Where: Oklahoma City, OK

Leadership Oklahoma (LOK) brings 50 of the state's most outstanding leaders for 10 issues-oriented sessions that address critical challenges facing the state in an effort to initiate positive change for all Oklahomans. This year, LOK chose to show Heaven’s Rain as one of their events. Brooks Douglass, a long-time member of Leadership Oklahoma during his days as an Oklahoma State Senator, was honored that they included Heaven’s Rain among their events.

Following the screening, Kimber Shoop emceed a discussion including Brooks; Greg Massey, President and CEO of First United Bank and Trust of Durant, and Ron Ward, Former Warden at McAlester State Prison during Brooks’ meeting with Ake. (Ward plays himself in the movie.) Ward was able to give the audience the inside scoop on Brooks’ meeting with Ake. "I saw my career flash before my eyes," said Ward, "because I didn’t know what would take place during that meeting."

LOK member Chandra Rickey said, "I was thrilled to hear we were hosting a screening of Heaven’s Rain. It was worth every second of my four and a half hour drive! It is such a powerful story."

"The screening of the movie 'Heaven's Rain' by LOK graduate and former Oklahoma Senator Brooks Douglass was truly an unexpected pleasure. I expected a movie about the horrific murders of Reverend Richard and Marilyn Douglass but I was surprised by the beautiful story of the family before that horrible night. Former Senator Brooks Douglass not only survived, but had the courage to write and produce (no small feat) this well-written, motivational movie of forgiveness." - Michelle Finch-Walker, Leadership Oklahoma Member
Date: March 5, 2011
Host: Prestonwood Baptist Church Men’s Conference
Where: Plano, TX

Brooks Douglass was a featured speaker at Prestonwood Baptist Church’s Annual "I Am Second" Men’s Conference that brings together more than 4,000 men each year for a powerful and uplifting two-day event. Brooks spoke alongside Prestonwood Baptist Pastor Dr. Jack Graham and Tom Mullins, pastor of Christ Fellowship; Bill Borinstein, pastor of Harvest Bible Church, and Scott Turner, former NFL player. Brooks shared his testimony and was approached by many people who had never heard his story and were excited to host events around the nation. Brooks will be speaking again at Prestonwood’s Power Lunch on April 26th.

"As a young pastor in Oklahoma in the 1970s, I was deeply saddened by the tragedy involving my friend Dr. Richard Douglass and his wife and two children. I am now so grateful that his son Brooks, has shared the Douglass family story powerfully through Heaven's Rain. This story of pain and suffering and sorrow is now a message of hope and redemption for the world." – Dr. Jack Graham, Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church

"What an amazing story of forgiveness. I think a lot of people need this in their lives right now," – Scott Turner, former NFL Player
Date: March 4, 2011
Host: First Baptist Church Newcastle
Where: Newcastle, OK

In a town of less than 10,000 people, over 500 came to First Baptist Newcastle for a Friday night showing of Heaven’s Rain. After the movie, Pastor Jeremy Freeman interviewed Brooks Douglass and the two discussed the impetus for the movie and the power of forgiveness. There was a good cross-section of congregation members and victims groups who could share in and discuss the journey Brooks and Leslie Douglass went through to find peace and purpose in their lives.

"The screening of the movie went fantastic! We had a great crowd and the movie was very well received, " said Freeman. "By the end of the film, there was not a dry eye in the room. It was clear that the message of the film had a strong and profound impact on the audience."

One gentleman stood up after and said, "I drove five and half hours to get here – and it was worth the drive!"

"Heaven’s Rain was a true blessing to show and I feel it is a must-see film. Every pastor or organization leader needs to find a way to show this film to their people… they will not regret it." - Jeremy Freeman, Pastor, First Baptist Church Newcastle
Date: February 15, 2011
Host: Oklahoma Baptist University
Where: Shawnee, OK

Each year, Oklahoma Baptist University dedicates a week to "Focus Week," as a time to strengthen relationships within the OBU community. This year’s theme was "Building Strong Relationships through Faith, Hope, Love, and Forgiveness." As part of Focus Week, the OBU leadership showed Heaven’s Rain followed by a panel with Brooks and Leslie Douglass, Dr. Brian Camp, professor of family science; Dr. Louima Lilite, assistant professor of music; Dr. Scott Pace, Jewell and Joe L. Huitt assistant professor of applied ministry; and Dr. Nicole Warehime, assistant professor of sociology. OBU's campus minister, Dale Griffin, moderated the discussion, and the group discussed the various relationships portrayed in the movie – parent & child, brother & sister, husband & wife – and how struggles, communication, perspective-taking, forgiveness, love, and support are all interwoven into most relationships. A crowd of about 500 attended the event with a great mix of students and community members.

"I was so moved by his story and his vision for how the movie can encourage people toward the transforming power of forgiveness. The message of forgiveness is powerfully portrayed. The film is well made without being gratuitous." - Dale Griffin, OBU Campus Minister
Date: February 13, 2011
Host: Oklahoma City University (OCU)
Where: Oklahoma City, OK

Students, staff, and community members packed into the Oklahoma City University (OCU) auditorium. Overflow seating had to be brought in, and people were still filling the aisles. "I was extremely pleased with the screening, and I only wish we would have been more prepared for the astounding turnout we had" said OCU President Robert Henry.   Following the screening, Judge Arlene Johnson of the Oklahoma Criminal Court of Appeals moderated a panel discussion including former Attorney General Mike Turpin, who argued the Ake v. Oklahoma case before the U.S. Supreme Court; Robin Myers, OCU professor of rhetoric and senior pastor of Mayflower Congregational Church; and Brooks Douglass. The group discussed the moral and legal issues inherent in film. This was an especially meaningful night for Brooks Douglass who earned both his MBA and JD from the university.

"Heaven’s Rain is a story of shocking violence and murder—but beyond that, it is a story of survival, recovery, and finally forgiveness and possible redemption.  When viewed at Oklahoma City University, our hall was filled to capacity and people were turned away.  Those who got in saw a film that will forever change their psyches; the discussion thereafter will not be forgotten by all who heard it.  This true story reveals contemporary evils, but also eternal truths." - Robert Henry, President, Oklahoma City University

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Date: February 8 & 9, 2011
Host: Allie Feinstein, Passport to Hollywood
Where: Cleveland & Columbus, OH

Passport to Hollywood, a Cleveland-based organization, brings the Hollywood limelight to Ohio communities by hosting up-and-coming films with a full red carpet premiere. Heaven’s Rain director Paul Brown and actors Mike Vogel, Brooks Douglass, and Kelly Curran joined Ohioans for a fun-filled night including a red carpet walk, movie screening, Q & A with the Heaven’s Rain team, and a reception after the movie.

"Thank you for the opportunity to host these events. It was an experience of a lifetime to be able to plan this for you guys. The events exceeded my expectations and I had an absolute blast with Brooks, Paul, Mike, and Kelly!" - Allie Feinstein, Passport to Hollywood.

"I had the honor of seeing a preview of the movie when Mr. Douglass came to Solon, Ohio for a special screening. It is the best movie I've ever seen! To me, the experience of Heaven’s Rain has inspired me to want to become a better person—there are so few current works of literature that encourage such positive transformation. It is fitting, then, that butterflies appear so often in the film---perhaps we are to emerge changed for the better having experienced the poignant redemptive qualities of hope and love that sparkle from the film’s powerful message. In the end, I left the theatre with a renewed sense of faith. Heaven’s Rainextends an invitation: an invitation to open (or to reopen) a door beyond which there is only Love. – Lana Myers, Solon, OH